About Us

Afro factory is a clothing brand that was created in 2019 with the sole aim of selling Ethiopian clothing to the Ethiopian community. The reason for the establishment of this business is to show our love and patriotism for Ethiopian culture.

Our brand aims at representing the true pride and culture of Ethiopia, and to enable individuals to proudly represent their country through what they wear! 

Our products aim at spreading positive energy among the Ethiopian population and to encourage Ethiopians to also spread this positive energy among themselves! The Ethiopian population can show their love for their beautiful country by wearing our products as a symbol of pride of where we come from, our people's origin.

 Afro Factory provides a range of original designs (including graphic t-shirts) that include both traditional designs close to our people's history, as well as more modern designs for the people looking for a fresh and modern look, with new designs being added to our ranks daily.

 We are highly dedicated towards offering the best quality products to our very valued and cherished customers. Our range of products include T-shirts, phone cases, hoodies and sweatshirts, bags and also hats, all portraying the unique, diverse and ancient colors of Ethiopian culture.

Our website Afrofactory.net is easy to navigate through and is divided into different categories to make searches easier for you. We even offer an "Our Picks" section for you which showcases the bestselling products that we think are a good match for your fashion taste!

In this day and age, with the world striving for diversity and equality, we strive to showcase our culture and our lives to show that we are a valuable part of the world's population and that our culture should never be undermined. Our creativity, willpower and togetherness are a symbol of hope for those Ethiopians struggling out there. Together, we have made Ethiopia the great country it is today and we here at Afro Factory are working tirelessly to provide you with the perfect products that you can proudly show to the world and say "Hey, I am Ethiopian!".

 We are continuously working towards fully utilizing the colors and designs that our beloved culture has to offer and integrate it with the fashion industry to come with products unique to our country. The world will take one look at us and know that we are proud to be Habesha people!

We strive to set the standards of the unique standards of the combination of culture and fashion. We hope you enjoy our products, keep supporting our mission and also don't forget to keep spreading peace and love in Ethiopia because that's what makes our great nation stand out - just like our Ethiopian Flag! Ethiopia first, always and forever!